Would you like to be able to look back in 30 years and see how good you looked today? I sell a lot of images based on that idea — people love to reminisce. Picture albums will never go out of fashion and art will abide as long as the spirit of humankind survives.

I love talking with the people who commission my work. I’m often amazed at how differently people see themselves. People whom others would “judge” as plain see themselves as beautiful, those who may be “judged” beautiful by popular opinion often see themselves as ugly — self-image has nothing to do with the shape of one’s body — it has more to do with the state of one’s mind.

I’m sure much of our self images is genetic, some is learned, some is societal. There have been books written about self-image — this is a one page blog entry.

Sure, some part of it is pride — people who work hard at keeping themselves in shape seem to love to show off the results of their hard work. Similarly, clients who’ve lost a lot of weight love to do a little bragging by saying — see how I look today!!!.

I find it interesting that beauty can be both a blessing and a curse. I run across very beautiful women who WANT to be reminded of how they looked today — and I run across beautiful women who fear being reminded of how good they looked today.

As a shooter — I don’t judge people — I tend to look at the beauty, the angst, the wrinkles and droops as all being beautiful. Large people really aren’t any less beautiful than tiny ones — they are just different. Its all about being comfortable in one’s own body.

Artistically a body is a form — a beautiful form in and of itself. A smile shining out can illuminate an otherwise average form. A habitual scowl can inform the viewer of a lifetime of struggle. Even that slightly glazed over look that comes when one is deep in thought can prove moving and elegant as a portrait subject reflects on someone they love, or who loved them.

Portraits are not a snapshot. They should be a reflection of you; a glimpse of your soul on your sleeve; a moment in time with your spirit; life crystallized in an instant.

Why not let me shoot you?