15 going on…

Kids nowadays wanna grow up so fast.
Well, actually, I suppose EVERY generation of kids want to grow up fast. And there’s plenty of evidence to attest to children being married at really young ages centuries ago.

It’s hard sometimes to merely make the images. And it’s to easy to get creatively subjective instead of viewing the scene as the client wants.

When a client selects their own wardrobe — in this case it was a prom dress that happened to be black lace with a cream colored underlayer — I work with the wardrobe I’m given. I try to give clients what they want.

That doesn’t mean that I’m always happy with the results.
In this case making a young girl look older than she is. It seems to me that there’s too much manipulation of kids nowadays, too many of them used to advertise and promote products far beyond their years. But what do you do when that’s what the Client wants?

In this case it’s not advertising. It’s simply remembering what she was like when she was this age: experimenting with growing up. On some levels still playing “dolls” — on other levels learning the pains and agonies of growing up, of relationships, of what this big world is like. And, for that afternoon, she wanted to look grown up.

Pretty girl. On her way to womanhood. A fine line between looking innocent and not……

Creatively it would be simpler if I restricted my work — perhaps only doing commercial, or only doing weddings, or only doing portraits. But I dont. So, sometimes I’m working with people who only see a darling daughter, or a strapping young son growing up. With them I try to forget about the visual triggers that advertising uses to pull the eye to provocative spots to keep the viewer looking at the image longer. And when I do commercial work I forget about innocence, and just shoot to get the message across. It keeps life interesting.

But I admit that there are times that I wonder about where both ways of thinking could take a person. I read recently about a porn sting that ended up with the arrest of a state’s attorney for arranging for sex with a minor — and I say to myself that this is a really screwed up world; and that minors need all the protection they can get. But the I also live next to a grade school and on quiet times I look out the window at recess and realize that when parents aren’t around and teachers aren’t observing that even very young kids can act very adult, can act very cruel, can act very haughty and arrogant and provocative and….. well, you get the picture — Kids are often times acting out what they see at home…. adult behavior in a child’s body.

I love seeing newborns and infants and young kids — but I have to tell you: I’m glad I had my family in a gentler time, a more innocent time, a slower time. Kids nowadays seem to be growing up ok – when I get a chance to just sit and talk with them some of them are really amazing. But I’m human and I have likes and dislikes — I’m glad I was born when I was; that I had my family when I did — and that nowadays I can work with my clients and then when they go home I can go back to being me.

I love people, but I also like the quiet of the studio when I’m doing still lifes — nature doesn’t worry about morality — it just is.