“Do I have to show my face?”

It’s a common question and one that I’m happy to address straight on: NO.

I am happy to work with models who are concerned about being identified in images we create. It’s not necessary to make images that reveal your identity if that is your preference. I would have fewer models if I was intractable about this; it’s absolutely essential that I have the trust and confidence of my wonderful models, and I could not do this if I wasn’t sensitive to their needs as well as my own. When I describe this as a collaboration I really mean it.

From any given shoot we always do some clothed images and usually some lingerie, this is one way that I can give my models images that are useful for their needs. Once we get past clothed — down to nudes and topless it’s always possible to turn one’s head, to change the angle, to alter lighting so as to shadow, obscure, or exclude faces from an image without losing the value of the image.

These gallery samples give you an idea of how easy it is to accomplish.

All you have to do is communicate. 🙂 I like communication.