Get Me to Shoot You

If you are interested in posing for me what do you do?

It’s really very easy…

  • Because my art is INCLUSIVE I work with a very wide variety of models — there are no high hurdles to pass.
  • You must be comfortable being nude — my art is primarily about the human shape — we WILL do shots with you in clothing but nudity is a standard part of most of my art shoots.
  • My art shoots are primarily done Monday – Friday between the hours of 9 and 5. I make rare exceptions but they are the EXCEPTION for models that offer something unique.
  • Complete my Model Questionnaire. Over a number of years I have found that the easiest, least embarrassing (for the model) way of learning what I need in order to make a decision to use a potential model is by using an impersonal online form. I have tried to reduce the questions to the fewest that will let me make a decision.

Within a day or two after completing the questionnaire I’ll get in touch with you.

If you answered all the questions I may just send you an invite on the spot; if for some reason I need more information, or if something bothers me about your inquiry I may ask for clarification.

It’s a small studio — there’s not much red tape. And I want to make it easy for models, not to set up artificially high barriers.