Security – Traveling Companions

Having a case of nerves is perfectly understandable. It’s not everyday that you show up at a strange studio knowing that you will shortly be naked. The world I grew up in was much safer than it is today and I fault no one for wanting to assure that they will be safe.

More importantly, I give my model props for having the guts to give this a try, and I try to make it as easy as possible for you.

If you wish to bring a traveling companion — that’s fine.

The studio is large enough that they can be present without being in the way. However, it is not SO large that they can be there without seeing you.

Your traveling companion must understand that they are present for your comfort, not to direct the shoot or distract you. There are no walls between where the travelling companion will be and where we will be working — so a companion who is comfortable with YOUR nudity is important.

The Dangers of Mixed Energy

I always recommend to models that if they choose to bring a traveling companion, that they bring someone who is NOT an intimate partner. No spouse, no friend with benefits, no parent.

Why do I say this?

It’s pretty simple really.

While we are working I need your brain in the studio — staying focussed on what we are doing. Significant others and parents complicate the energy in the studio because it’s only natural that someone with whom you’ve been intimate will have expectations. I have seen it happen too many times that the model ends up constantly thinking about what the companion is thinking about and cannot stay in the moment.

Furthermore — in the past I have had models’ intimate partners who tried to pressure models into poses that the model wasn’t comfortable with and by doing so stressed the model enough to ruin the shoot.

I tell every new model that they are never to do anything they are not completely comfortable with. My studio is a safe haven for my models. So, to ME, it is inappropriate for someone else to pressure a model to be sexy, to be erotic, or whatever. My images are rarely about sex, I try hard not to objectify models, nor to exploit their sexuality. I do not tolerate guests placing expectations on my models that I do not require.