I rarely wander over to the other side of the lens.

And while I’m doing MY thing on the working side of the camera I often wonder what’s going on in the head of my client or model.

Sarah’s contemplative expression here is only one variety of the common expressions.  Once in a while I’ll catch a special little smirk, or a glimmer of amusement.  I almost always get models and clients to laugh and have a good time in studio — photos don’t have to be difficult and making the process of creation easy for my clients is part of my job.

Having said that, I often tease regular models about being on their side of the lens.  Afterall — THEY are the ones wanting to have THEIR images made…. as for me, I’ll stay on my side and not worry about holding a pose or whether my shirt is wrinkled or whether I should have chosen a different color outfit for my pictures.

I love my job, but I love even more being on the little side of the camera.  The eye I look through is less intrusive than the eye that stares down my subjects.