Joshua Tree National Park

I admit it. I’m a natural hermit. I love working with people, but I love my time alone, and I love time with nature. I love contact with the ageless — whether children, old geezers, or a pile of rocks.
Joshua Tree National Park, near Indio CA is an amazing place — in part even moreso when you realize that this area wasn’t always desert. In the days of cowboys and the gold rush the area I was in was used to pasture cattle. Today the dam built to collect water for livestock sits parched and empty. We are near the Salton Sea — another evidence of how human activity has screwed up our ecosystem.
I was shocked when I read yesterday that water usage in neighboring Palm Springs is higher than expected. The typical home around the country uses some 150 to 300 cu ft of water per person per day — the average usage in Palm Springs is 1400 cu ft. And that in the desert.
Some months ago there were stories once again about plans that some westerners have to attempt to tap the water in the Great Lakes — a monumental project in theory — but one which regional governors are aware of an working to prevent – the Great Lakes Compact being one tactic to guard the precious resource that, while wonderful, is not something that can be treated with disrespect and squandered — it is a one time blessing — there are no more resident glaciers to replenish it.
Oh well, we’ll see…..