Photographer – Physical Therapist


I’m never sure how much photographer I am, and how much artist, and how much therapist. But I know one thing — I love it when people walk away from my studio feeling good about themselves.

I use a lot of non-model-artist’s models. It’s not the most normal kind of experience — no photoshoot is — especially not one oriented towards the kind of photo-derivative work I do. But I’m always amazed at the expressionns of appreciation I get from many of the ladies as they leave.

The truth is I don’t think I do anything different than to listen to them and treat them like human beings.

But yesterday was different and I thought I’d share it. I shot a wonderful young lady that I’ve worked with before. The first time we worked together was a number of months ago and when she arrived yesterday she looked incredibly different.

On her first visit when I sent copies of the images to her I made a comment about how she seemed to favor one side as she stood. I didn’t think much about it at the time — I really am all about the work and I often make comments and ask for feedback to get the best images we can. But I threw that comment out and completely forgot about it.

When I told her how much better she looked (hair color, and such) she told me that after that comment about her stance she’d gone to a chiropractor and discovered she had some things that needed tweaking….. and how much better she felt and stood.

Golly, gee….

And here I thought I was a just a ‘tog………