Forget what you are seeing

“To see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.”
Claude Monet
Monet had a point.
There are images that are beautiful because the subject is beautiful.  It ought not be too hard to realize that is an easy thing to accomplish.  Bringing beauty, or gravity, humor or harmony to something quite ordinary is not always so easy.  And many are the times that we do not even SEE some of the beauties around us.
A humble junked tank bears the resemblance of an alien face.  (see prior entry) And the underside of a leaf carries its own little colony of life. Being willing to see the unseen, the common, the everyday requires that you forget what you are looking at, forget your impressions, forget your definitions — and simply observe what exists.

Whether we respond to that photographically, or through some “style” of art is of little consequence as long as we DO respond.