Watch me Grampa, watch me…

The insistent voice, “Watch me, Grampa, watch me, watch me…” echoed across the school playground from a yard over a block away.

It was early on a Sunday morning, and living right next door to an elementary school has many special joys. I love the sound of children during recess, the regularity of the bells chiming the passage of the day (not that I ever know what time they are indicating — just that the day is passing bye).

But yesterday morning it wasn’t school kids I was hearing — it was the plaintive, insistent, almost demanding cry for attention from a young child visiting someone she loved. And I thought to myself how much like her we all are. Specially those of us who post our art.

“Watch me, Grampa, watch me, watch me.” She wanted to be noticed — As do we artists.

Depending on how much attention she was getting the “Grampa”‘s somethines were more numerous than the “watch me”‘s, but they continued for quite a while. I don’t know WHAT she was doing to warrant such ardent attention… but then I suppose that can be said of artist’s too.

Just what I do that’s different from anyone else isn’t always so easy to see, nor why someone should watch ME instead of that bird flying past the window or the YouTube video of someone doing something stupid…..

But that’s the nature of art.  Grampas you can demand to watch you. Not so much artists…. 🙂