Fear of Intercourse

No — this is not a journal entry about sex.

Intercourse is simply defined as communication between individuals.  And I fear it is a lost art of which way too many artist’s are afraid.

Last evening I had what I thought was going to be in interesting discussion with another artist on the forum known as Deviantart.  They lived on the other side of the world and had a point of view very much different from my own.  We were discussing an  image.

And just about the time I thought that perhaps I might really learn something interesting about another artist the other party broke off the conversation assuming that my willingness to exchange ideas was somehow being argumentative.

I don’t get it.   I never know how to respond when that happens — but here I am at 2 a.m. thinking about it, woke up out of a deep sleep because I don’t understand what causes people to do that.

Everyone has an opinion. You know the old saying, “Opinions are like assholes — everyone has one.”  — So when someone writes to me and makes a comment about an image I take it for just what it is — an opinion.  Valid.  Pointed.  Legitimate.  But it IS an opinion.    What I really want to know from that person is what got them to get over their complacency and put fingers to keyboard and make the comment in the first place — there’s a real live person there and something moved them to action — THAT is what I want to know about.  Whether it’s MY work of art or someone else’s — there’s a living, breathing, human being that was moved to action by a piece of art and THAT is interesting.

I’m sure my communication skills aren’t perfect, I’m sure I am often misunderstood, and maybe I even CAUSE other people to react and want to cut  short their effort to communicate — but it saddens me.    And I fear that with the advent of all these electronic media, from forums to texting, that our ability as humans to interact in human intercourse will be one of the great casualties of “Progress.”

What a pity.

Oh well….. Back to bed for me.