Proud Black Woman

At one time I thought of my models as being particularly brave.  Afterall, it’s not everyday that you walk into a stranger’s studio and shuck off your clothes.  I suppose it doesn’t help either that I may be 3 times the age of some of my models.

But working with woman (not children) of all ages creating my Humanscapes I have learned that there are a lot more brave women than I ever thought in my male brain.

In fact, bravery is not a uncommon at all among women — they are just wiser about which battles they fight and which they avoid than us men.

This image is well over a year old — but every time I come across it I am struck once again by how directly this wonderful model looked into my eyes (and the lens).  A lot of people have a hard time looking you in the eye even when they are fully clothed (perhaps moreso because they think they can hide who they really are) — but this woman had nothing to hide — quite obviously. And she was proud of who she had become …

Would that all women could be so strong as to be able to look uncertainty in the eye and say, simply, “here I am.”