How hard is it to do a chicken piccata?

Not very at all…..

But on the way home from Oregon we stopped in Jamestown ND overnight.  I rarely go to a Perkins Pancake House.  It’s been so long since I’d been to one that I had no idea why I even STOPPED going — so I decided to try one two nights ago.

I ordered off their specials menu — chicken piccata — supposedly if it’s a special they ought to be doing a bunch-of-them.

Food comes to the table minus the side.  Ok — a mistake — everyone makes them.

Cut into chicken — texture odd…..  taste it…. it’s raw!

Wave waitress over, ‘splain the problem — she very apologetic and takes the offensive plate to the kitchen.

Manager brings back NEW plate (not cut into), apologizes and leaves.

Cut into chicken — texture the same — nibble on newly cut piece — second attempt raw also.

Wave waitress over, ‘splain the problem, but this time ask her to take a taste to verify that I’m not crazy — she does, makes horrible face and take plate away.

We settle on trying a different entree — also off their specials menu — Maple glazed Chipotle pork chops — I figure they’re skinny — should at least be fully cooked.

Food arrives, and is fully cooked, but maple glaze is runny syrup, no taste of chipotle at all and one side (citrus rice) does not taste at all of citrus.

At this point I’m beyond complaining — I eat my meal and leave.

Oh — and the bill — they nicely show that they took the offending entree off the bill but no offer to even throw in a dessert or do anything to make a happy customer.

I know that there are dozens and hundreds and probably thousands of managers out there who are looking for a job — maybe you should try applying at the Perkins in Jamestown — I suspect that one of these days they may be looking for a new manager — this quality of help surely wont last long.

And I probably wont return to another Perkins for several years.

Business is too hard to get to treat customers this poorly.