Butterfly Nude

KFALTAe10715The evolution of a woman’s sense of self will stand forever as one of the least understood subjects on earth by men.  I’m not different.

However, in a role where women are willing to appear without clothes in front of me, an absolute stranger, a woman’s sense of self takes on huge importance to me.

A popular view of middle-aged beauty is that it’s all about the skin:  about how you look, about the image you present, about how you are perceived.  Too often that is correlated to beauty treatments and plastic surgery.

But I shoot my models without makeup artists.  I shoot women from 18 through their 60’s and I have to tell you that attitude about one’s self and her place in the world has more to do with how a woman sees herself and how others see her than many other factors.

It’s easy to understand that a strange woman would be nervous about taking off her clothes — but how do I get so many smiles, such full body laughter,  so many pensive and reflective expressions?  Simply by letting the model be herself.