Racist Words You Use Every Day – Barbarian

How it’s Used:

“In World of WarCraft, I play a level 60 barbarian.”

What You’re Actually Saying:

“In World of WarCraft, I play a stupid jabbering foreigner.”

Wait, What?

Let’s revisit that Western Civ. class again. Your teacher probably made a big deal out of the great Ancient Greek advances in politics, philosophy, architecture and so on. But she left out one crucial point: For a society that made such a big deal out of hubris, those motherfuckers could be really arrogant pricks.

Case in point: They thought that Greek wasn’t just the best language, it was the only language that made any sense at all. All other languages just sounded like people saying “bar bar bar bar.” Thus the word “barbarian,” or someone who speaks the retarded monkey language that Greeks associated with every other nation on Earth.