Racist Words you Use Every Day – Bugger

How it’s Used:

“The dog peed on my leg again, that little bugger!”

What You’re Actually Saying:

“The dog peed on my leg again, that little Bulgarian homosexual!

Wait, What?

Back in the day, the Catholic Church was really intolerant of other religions. “The day,” in this case, refers to every day from the founding of the church to, well, yesterday. The word “bugger” stems from “Bulgarian,” or someone from Bulgaria, but medieval Catholics used it as a catch-all term for all members of the East Orthodox Church. Members of that church were considered heretics, and heresy is, of course, a slippery slope to sodomy. An awful, gross, terrible, slippery slope.

But that was the belief. Catholics at the time honestly thought that if your beliefs deviated even slightly from theirs, it followed that you were engaging in all sorts of perverse sexual acts. Such as monogamous sex between two consenting adults who happen to be the same gender. EVIL!