How Many Teachers Will Lose Their Jobs Now?

Governor Walker is filing for disaster relief for the 11 counties that “suffered” during the February blizzard.  I wonder, how many teachers will lose their jobs as a result.

Yeah — I know that’s stretching it, but do we ever consider the results of our expectations? There is no direct connection between teachers and blizzards.  But I wonder if that is really true.  No one I know would say that it is not a good thing to help people who suffered loss in a catastrophe. In a time when we already do not have money to pay for the commitments we have made — it still comes down to the big question:  from whose mouth will we take food, what teacher will lose a job, or what highway will we not repair in order to pay for the disaster benefits?

This is the question that no one wants acknowledge, and this is the only question that matters in government at the time.  As a nation, and as a state we are broke.  From whom will we take money — in this state or some other — in order to pay for state and local governments that have been for too long spending more money than they had.

There was a time that there were surpluses.  I know — cuz I lived through them.  Governments put money in the bank and had an emergency fund that they could draw on when events like a blizzard occurred.  There are no more surpluses.  But saving has become a four letter word and there is never an end to the demands of greed.

We choose to live in Wisconsin, others choose to live in Japan,  or along the Mississippi flood plain, or in Haiti.  In making our choices we also accept certain risks.  It’s GOOD for us to help people in need; but when we do we have to realize that doing so comes at a cost; we cannot do something else, cannot buy something else, cannot afford something else.

Who gets to decide?  Do you trust your government to decide for you?  Do you trust your union?  Do you trust your spouse/partner?  Do you trust yourself (meaning do you really know enough about the situation to factor in all the relevant details)?

I’m open to conversation….. Someone, tell me, who do you trust to make those choices?

I actually remember a time when trust was a part of the American personality.  I’m not sure that we as a people are capable of trusting anyone anymore.