Medal of Honor

Sgt Leroy Arthur PetryAs American citizens we owe a huge debt of gratitude to men like Sgt. Petry who lost his hand throwing away an enemy grenade to save the lives of his fellows.  He epitomizes all that’s wonderful about this country and the honor it inspires. Sgt. Petry has re-signed for his 8th tour of duty inspite of his injuries.

In the mean time,  congress is busy quibbling over raising the debt ceiling.

The absurdity of this juxtaposition is amazing to me.

Rich, middle-aged, largely white men think nothing about sending the youth of this country, the future of this country, to bleed, and fight and die in other lands in the name of doing their duty to America.  And while those young men and women are suffering, and many of them returning home broken and damaged the politicians who sent them there are unable to do THEIR duty.

It’s shameful.

And while we are at it,  it’s not just the Senators and Representatives who aren’t doing their job.  Mr. President Obama managed to raise during the first 3 months of 2011 some $86 MILLION dollars to get himself re-elected.  Yet he can’t lead the nation well enough to get a budget passed, to get the debt ceiling raised and make any progress whatsoever towards fiscal responsibility.