The Comfort of Water

It’s funny the way certain things take on a life of their own.

We went for a walk at the marina again — our favorite place.  Actually, when we are both gone Katy’s gonna have instructions to spread our ashes together there.

But when we want to think, and when we want to chat about serious things we seem to gravitate to the water.  Not that we don’t talk about serious things during the winter — when talking at the water’s edge is a bit chilly.  But it’s a soothing and calming place that has always been just what we needed when we wanted to think and share ideas.

From the earliest days of our marriage — the spartan years in Chicago — we have sought out water.  From our first apartment on 37th and California forward we have gone down to the lake to talk. Like the men who “go down to the sea in ships” I guess.  Not necessarily for the sound of water; just for something oddly calming about the vastness of the Great Lake, and of our small place on the planet.

I wonder what will happen when we retire?  We are still quite undecided about what we shall actually do — there are a lot of details that have yet to be worked out — including deciding what to do about this house — But I don’t know that we will always be as close to the water as we have been most of our life — where will we go to talk?