There’s a bit of show-off in everyone

Just because I’m transitioning to a mobile lifestyle does not mean I’m not shooting nudes anymore.  If you are interested in posing for me, and receiving image from the shoot in exchange,  take a read of the following.

Artist’s models make it possible for me to pursue a variety of projects. My work extends beyond mere photography, with a growing percentage of photo-altered and photo-derivative art. If you have ever thought about what it would be like to be in FRONT of the camera, but didn’t think you were the right size, shape, color, or age — consider spending some time volunteering as an artist’s model.

I have long had a special fascination with landscapes and architecture. But the human body is a far more amazing landscape with far more dynamic structural elements than any building or landscape. In recent years I have spent more time recording human landscapes, Humanscapes if you please,  in a specialized portfolio of extraordinarily beautiful images that are classy, tasteful, and distinctive.
Artists through the centuries have created images of beautiful people. But today we live in a popular culture and one of the most revealing truths to be seen is that someone needn’t be a rich patron of the arts in order to be beautiful or shapely enough to inspire images of great beauty. There is beauty in everyday people: men and women alike. And the individual who can relax in front of the lens long enough to let that beauty surface is highly desirable — no matter whether they are short or tall, skinny or chunky, white, brown or chartreuse. And it’s always a special joy to find down to earth people willing to let me capture their amazingly desirable and attractive image — in both straight photographic work and photo-derivatives.

I am always on the lookout for prospective artist’s models — whether I am in the studio or exploring this wonderful country. The only pay is copies of the images we produce, but the shoots are fun and models always end up learning more about them self than they knew before the shoot.

Have you ever considered modeling? Have you thought you were the wrong size, shape, age, color or who knows what? If you’d like to be a part of art, why not consider modeling for me. You needn’t be gorgeous, needn’t be young, needn’t have all of your limbs or be scar free. What you do need is the willingness to challenge yourself and a bit of that old can-do attitude that has always made Americans unique and distinct in the world.

My bodyscape work is about the uncommonly-common beauty to be found in everyday people. I shoot all sorts of people and I might just shoot you next time I’m in your area. Complete my model questionnaire if you are interested in working with me.