So What?

Shooting a model who isn’t much more than of legal age was always a conflict. I wanted to shoot men and women in all different shapes and sizes, which would include those on the young end of legal, but I was far more interested in mature women who had weathered the years and who’s bodies were far more interesting humanscapes than those who were young and tight and everything in it’s place.

In all the years I worked in the studio doing Humanscapes I never singled out a woman/girl and then sought them out as model. All of the women who I ultimately ended up shooting responded to a general casting call, or came to me as a result of another model’s urging. And I never chose what a model should bring as wardrobe to a shoot. I left that up to the model — as a way of her telling me how she felt about herself, and how she saw herself.
The question of how much skin she showed and how quickly was always up to her and in retrospect it has been interesting what the models themselves brought to the studio by way of expectations.
I hope you can tell without explanation why I call this image, “So What?”